• Fatiha Polin Research and Design, Bengal Institute for Architecture, Landscapes and Settlements, Dhaka
  • Dhrubo Alam Dhaka Transport Coordination Authority, Dhaka


According to the Department of Archaeology, Bangladesh, there is about 423 listed archaeological sites in the country. But, there are many more yet to be unrevealed. Their true value remains unseen to the world if not taken proper action and acknowledgement. Khan Jahan Ali, on his famous journey from Champanagar (currently in Barobazar, greater Jhenaidah district) to Khalifatabad (present day Bagerhat district); he crossed quite a few remote areas and set up human settlements. On his way he built roads, dug large water bodies for fresh supply of water, established mosques and houses for the inhabitants. His unique construction style is quite evident on the structures along the 112.7 km long road distinguished by an old earthen embankment, traversing through (i) Barobazar, (ii) Murali-Qasba, (iii) Poyogram-Qasba and (iv) Khalifatabad (Bagerhat) The road is still known as Khanjali Road. The first segment of this road, known as Hakimpur - Barobazar road contains nine sultanate mosques of which only few have been documented properly by the authorities and the rests are barely mentioned. This study aims to fill up this gap, explore more into the contribution of Khan Jahan Ali on the four settlements he set up and their history by linking them with the monuments.


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